C2C – Whinlatter to Braithwaite

February 23rd 2016 – C2C – the Whinlatter to Braithwaite road


You may have heard that the Whinlatter to Braithwaite road was closed due to the floods. It is not now – it is well and truly open.

The off-road alternative from Whinlatter Visitor Centre to Thornthwaite has had the top taken off parts of the track, and so can only sensibly be ridden on a mountain bike and then with caution. For almost all C2C-ers, stay on the road.

At the bottom of the hill at Braithwaite you will certainly see signs of the devastating floods of December 2015, and the shop in the village is closed.

BUT the two pubs in Braithwaite are open, and so is the shop at the campsite, as well as the Visitor Centre and café at Whinlatter.

So there is no problem on the C2C over the Whinlatter Pass to Keswick.

C2C at Whinlatter Forest
C2C at Whinlatter Forest

What is correct is that some of the off-road variations through the forestry at Whinlatter are closed – not because of the floods, but because of tree-felling. It is easy enough to just stay on the road though and there are signs to tell you when they are closed.




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