Tynemouth Cycle Cafe Plans Withdrawn

Plans to build a cycle hub by the Spanish Battery in Tynemouth at the end of the C2C have been withdrawn by the developers.

The company behind the proposals, Northern Property Group, have not made any comment on the reason for the proposals, though the opposition campaign from local residents was extremely vocal and well-publicised. More than 3,100 signed a petition against the proposal that was submitted to the local council.

The development was to be known as the Watch House Garden and was to include cafe, shop, roof-top garden and viewing terrace as well as facilities for riders such as showers and lockers.

In this Bikebiz article on the subject David Gray, one of the C2C’s founders along with John Grimshaw (ex-head of cycle charity Sustrans), is quoted as saying “The current finish at Tynemouth – a car park with a totem pole at the end – can be somewhat underwhelming. This would be a fitting end to a challenging ride, or a great start to one of the other rides that leave from that point. It would do nothing but good for the area, and is long overdue.”


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